We are a direct producer and exporter of premium quality organic and Fairtrade certified agricultural products from Indonesia.

Together with thousands of farmer in many regions of Indonesia, we develop an organic farmer community to bring you various premium quality organic products under our brand name "Menoreh".

With our love and passion for the environmental sustainability and our commitment to work harmoniously with farmers, we offer you the natural heritages of Indonesia in the form of high quality organic products.

Our organic products are produced by community-based farmer groups in many regions of Indonesia. The production process is strictly supervised by our dedicated ICS team to guarantee their highest quality.

Our relationship with our farmer partners is maintained under Fair Trade values to help improve their working condition and their daily living standards, and also to keep the sustainable development of the farm.

Coconut sugar is the crystallised nectar of the coconut palm tree blossom (Cocos nucifera) made by a simple boiling, cooling, and grinding process. It has been used as sugar in South-East Asia for many centuries, most particulary in Indonesia.

With Glycemic Index as low as 35, coconut sugar will be absorbed slowly by the body and will not quickly raise blood sugar level, which makes it suitable for diabetic people.